February 15, 2021

ARTIFACT: 1929 Postcard Set

Artifact of the day is this set of six postcards, which depict No. 45, No. 25, Prospect Place and the Manor, the South Park, the Coffee House, and The North Park.

Frankly, the cards are nothing special with a muddy sepia and green color palette. But we did find some interesting details, expanded and expounded on, below.

Closeup on the roof of No. 45, mysteriously signless ‒ no doubt because the image is an artist's illustration masquerading as a photograph. The building's weathervane, however, is plainly seen.

The South Park, showing its lich gate. The rockpiles are hazards on the Tudor City's miniature golf course, then in full swing.
Sunlight through the stained glass windows of No. 25's coffee house. 
A lady beneath the pergola contemplates the privet hedge and the topiary.

All the postcards bear the same logo on the back, above. The effusive copy suggests that they were produced by the French Company. 


  1. Ah, the weathervanes . . . Thanks to this blog, I learned of them, and I wish they could all be restored. I live in Tudor Tower, and it's a shame that our rooftop renovations don't include replacing the weathervane, as far as I know. Perhaps in the future . . . As much as the city changes, it is nice to see that our neighborhood still has maintained it's "refuge" quality. Thanks again for this window into the past!

    1. All the weathervanes can be restored and should be according to NYC Landmark Preservation Commission. Contact me for further details.