February 7, 2021

Tudor City Confidential's Greatest Hits, 2020

A year-end roundup of the posts that got the most hits in 2020. Click on the title to read the story.

1. AT LAST. In what seems like eons ago, the Tudor City Sign was restored, with new letters and a new paint job. This was far and away the most read news story of the year.

2. Something to Look Forward to: EAST SIDE ACCESS. Is everybody ready? There will be direct service to Long Island from Grand Central Station beginning December, 2022. 

3. New York Edison's WATERSIDE STATION. A history of the Waterside Station, catty-corner to No. 5. Supplying electricity and steam for 104 years, today it's the site of one of the largest vacant lots in town.

4. O. O. McIntyre Weighs In. McIntyre was a newspaperman who wrote a column about New York (that never appeared in New York). He did like Tudor City, and wrote several columns about it. 

5. Signs of the Times? Graffiti comes to the colony in May, with No. 45 and the granite wall along 42nd Street hard hit. Six weeks later, it is erased when graffiti removal is again allowed.

6. #ClapBecauseWeCare. A community comes together nightly to applaud essential workers, especially those who care for hospitalized Covid-19 patients.

7. Views from the Bridge, 1933. The view west, in some handsomely tinted photos.

8. Residents: GLADYS PARKER. Resident of the year was Gladys Parker, whose cartoon character Mopsy ran in 300 newspapers at its peak.

9. Tudor City's Roof Restaurant, Revisited. A followup to an earlier story about Tudor City's sole attempt at rooftop dining. 

10. Woodstock Wildlife. A cataloging of the wildfife ‒ 14 various statues ‒ decorating the upper floors of The Woodstock. 


  1. So glad that you're back to posting! In these uncertain times, I'd begun to fear the worst. As a newish resident in the neighborhood, I really value your voice and perspective on the history of this unique corner of the city. This blog makes me proud to live here.

  2. Well said. Glad you are back!

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