January 20, 2019


A wintry view of the north staircase off 42nd St leading up to Tudor City Place.

January 16, 2019

REAL ESTATE REPORT: What's Your Apartment Worth?

Our bi-monthly survey of recent sale prices in Tudor City, via Streeteasy:

Vintage sign in No. 5's lobby
The Cloister 
$286,000, Apt 703, studio
$250,000, Apt 207, studio

Essex House
$879,000, Apt 502, two bedroom
$680,000, Apt 602, two bedroom

Haddon Hall
$825,000, Apt 504C, two bedroom
$925,000, Apt 603C, two bedroom

Hardwicke Hall
$885,000, Apt 401B, two bedroom
$359,000, Apt 306, studio

Hatfield House   
$305,000, Apt 206, studio
$350,000, Apt 1404A, studio

The Hermitage 
The Hermitage is a rental-only building. Recent monthly rentals:
$3,995, Apt 404, three bedroom
$1,950, Apt 903, studio

The Manor  
$895,000, Apt 1008, two bedroom
$532,000, Apt  511, one bedroom

Prospect Tower, No. 45
$650,000, Apt 415, one bedroom
$525,000, Apt 1218, one bedroom

Tudor Gardens, No. 2
$699,000, Apt 15CS, one bedroom
$440,000, Apt 10LS, studio

Tudor Tower, No. 25
$395,000, Apt 402, studio
$335,000, Apt 1401, studio

Windsor Tower, No. 5
$525,000, Apt 338, one bedroom
$520,000, Apt 1405, one bedroom

Woodstock Tower
$499,000, Apt 801, studio
$350,000, Apt 1706, studio

January 13, 2019


An aisle of the Tudor City Drug Store in a photo from the March, 1940 issue of Tudor City View, the complex's monthly gazette. This section of the store featured gift items ‒ perfumes, cigars, Sheaffer pens, and the like. At far left, a soda fountain with stools vended Coca-Cola, as advertised. Today, the former drug store space is home to Conrad's Bike Shop and the Tudor Garden Nail Salon. 

Click on photo to enlarge.

January 9, 2019

Here Comes the Turken Foundation Dormitory

A new neighbor is on the way, the 21-story structure pictured above, about to rise on the southeast corner of 41st and Second. It's being built by the Turken Foundation, a nonprofit formed in 2014 to assist Turkish students in New York with housing and scholarships. We understand that the building will serve primarily as a student dormitory, with retail space on the ground floor. 
The building will adjoin Hatfield House, and if the jack-hammering the other day is any indication, it's going to be a bumpy year on 41st Street. Anticipated completion: Fall, 2020.

January 6, 2019


The Hotel Tudor sign ‒ with a peace sign added to its R ‒ pictured in an enigmatic photo found by chance on the web. We suspect the image dates from the '60s, when the peace symbol was in vogue, but how it came to be painted on the sign is anyone's guess.

January 1, 2019


Happy birthday to Haddon Hall, Hardwicke Hall and Hatfield House, which opened ninety years ago on January 1, 1929. To the French Company, they were the Eighth Unit, but the community quickly dubbed them the Three H's. More details here.
Newspaper ad details, December 1928
Early artist rendering of the Eighth Unit.
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